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OUT OF THE PHONE is the world’s first publishing house dedicated to mobile photography. Selected artwork is brought to life through unique art books and prints defined by quality and aesthetic value.

The selection, albeit subjective, presents a series of what we consider to be some of the best images to be found in the enormous flow of photography-related social media.

By capturing these fleeting images on paper, we wish to reclaim the comfort of the touch, the smell of ink, the sound of the turning paper, the timeless joy.

Our Mission: bring to life these volatile digital snapshots by engraving their trace on paper through books and prints that become artwork themselves.

Why mobile photography?

The development of mobile applications and editing techniques on our mobile phones has made a great difference in liberating photography. We are now using the same tools, the photo lab is in the palms of our hands, allowing to express freely the creativity and the personal stories of each user.

Although we are fond of all types of artistic expression related to photography regardless of the technique behind it, we do believe that the mobile device has redefined the relation between the artist and his subject. As opposed to traditional cameras that can be intimidating and at times too technical, mobile devices operate within the story telling, which is the core of our approach.

We wish to support the new, emerging talents in this new photographic paradigm by reinforcing the connection between memories and snapshots. 

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# The founder

Out Of The Phone

Coming from a family of printers, it is through printing that Pierre Le Govic is introduced to photography.

After finishing his studies in marketing and interacting with the publishing industry, Pierre joined the family printing business in 1993, developing a more artistic and culture-oriented customer base.

He then managed the company from 1998 until 2007 when it was sold to a cartel.

Meanwhile, in 2003, he co-founds a photoengraving studio entitled “Les Artisans du Regard” (Craftsmen of the Gaze).

This experience within graphic art will allow him to work with renowned photographers such as Jeanloup Sieff, Willy Ronis, Daido Moriyama, William Eggleston, Josef Koudelka,…

Constantly interested in photo publishing, Pierre co-publishes two photography books in partnership with well known French publishers: « Terre d’enfants » by Xavier Barral (Ed. Xavier Barral) and « Manifeste Argentique » with Dominique Gaessler (Ed. Transphotographic Press).

In 2012, he creates the blog www.emotiondaily.com dedicated to « mobile photography »

In 2013, he founds the publishing house Out of the Phone.

Instagram: @pierrelegovic